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Elif continues to invest in the future by expanding its ‘Trigeneration’ investment!

Elif has invested in the future with the 'Trigeneration' project, which has been in the scope of 'NOsume Energy' program in the past years, Elif continues to contribute to the protection, improvement and sustainability of the environment and human life through its new Trijeneration investment, which increases its capacity by 100%.

As a result of its sustainability approach, Elif started to produce the energy it used at its production facility in Istanbul in recent years. In addition to using energy that respects the environment and human life, Elif reduced its dependence on the transmission and distribution network to a minimum, and managed to reduce production losses and resulting quality problems and maintenance costs as a result of network interruptions and fluctuations.

Elif's old system, which produces 4 MW of electricity, allowed the recovery of 3.2 MW of heat energy, low carbon emissions and clean energy production, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and saving energy by 80% in energy efficiency and cooling water and obtaining thermal oil. With the introduction of the new system, Elif will invest 4.3MW more energy in addition to the existing 4MW electric energy generating system and will produce 8.3MW of total electric energy, and with the energy amount of natural gas consumed by the existing system and the energy waste in the heating and cooling system from the heat.  In addition to all these, Elif will increase the quality of the final product produced by reducing the static electricity in the production by the steam obtained from waste heat with the new system.

Since its foundation, Elif produces ‘Packaging for Life’ with the aim of providing maximum benefit with minimum natural resource usage, and invites everyone to use and produce clean energy as an inspiration to all industrial companies with its ‘Elif Trigeneration’ project, a representative of energy efficiency and sustainability horizon.

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