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April 2018

Elif2Pouch serves 2030 recyclability targets of European Commission!

Elif is constantly contributing to environment and human life with neo-eco packaging solutions. Elif’s new pre-made pouch solution, Elif2Pouch, combines sustainability, convenience, performance and cost-efficiency.

April 2018

Elif continues to invest in the future by expanding its ‘Trigeneration’ investment!

Elif has invested in the future with the 'Trigeneration' project, which has been in the scope of 'NOsume Energy' program in the past years, Elif continues to contribute to the protection, improvement and sustainability of the environment and human life through its new Trijeneration investment, which increases its capacity by 100%.

March 2018

Elif Continues to Enhance Its Pre-Made Bag & Pouch Capacity Through New Investments!

Elif, the global supplier of the flexible packaging industry, increased its capacity by 50% by making a significant investment in its pre-made bag and pouch lines in order to be able to provide advanced products and new features for the changing and developing customer needs.

March 2018

Elif is on LinkedIn with the renewed Company page!

Elif, who grew rapidly with its dynamic, informative and entertaining shares in social platforms, moved LinkedIn's page to its "Company page" position and presented it to the publication.

March 2018

Elif keeps turning out the lights to enlighten the future’!

Elif supported the 'Earth Hour' movement in the fight against climate change by turning off the lights at 20:30 on the last Saturday of March this year as it was in the past years.

March 2018

Elif celebrated 8th of March Women's Day with women empowerment projects!

Elif emphasizes the importance of equality between women and men at every opportunity and aims to increase the awareness of the individual regarding equal representation of women in political, social and business life and equality of rights. This year, Elif celebrated ‘March 8 Women's Day ' with all its employees by carrying out activities that would serve this purpose.

November 2017

Maximum performance with minimum resource usage: ElifHyPEr!

Elif creates difference with its approach of “Packaging for Life” and innovative packaging solutions.

September 2017

Road to success, self-control with 5S!

Developing in the global scale with horizontal and vertical expansions in order to achieve its global vision, Elif is aware of the great importance of preserving its brand’s quality and standards besides its services and products, and has realised the ‘Başarıya giden yol, 5S otokontrol’ (Road to success, self-control with 5S) project.

September 2017

Elif scores an A on the BRC/IoP accreditation 7 years in a row!

Once again, this year, Elif has earned the Class A certificate in BRC/IoP Global Technical Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials, which is the proof of its constant investments aimed at comprehensive quality and hygiene management!

July 2017

Elif climbed 22 steps at once in the ISO Top 500 List!

Elif, which has demonstrated the biggest raise in its sector in the recent years in the Turkey's First 500 Top Industrial Organisations (ISO Top 500 Companies) announced by the ISO - Istanbul Chamber of Industry, continues to reach the summit by climbing 22 steps at once also in 2016!

June 2017

'Packaging Excellence' award from WorldStar to Turkey's first hybrid printing technology ElifHybr!

Elif, the global supplier of the flexible packaging industry, was awarded 'Packaging Excellence' in the WorldStar 2017 competition with its hybrid printing technology 'ElfHybr', the last chain of innovations that has been implemented to provide solutions and advanced products for changing and developing packaging needs.

May 2017

Elif became the first "Well-Known Brand" of the packaging industry!

Elif, a brand that makes a difference with its point of view and quality in packaging industry and with products highly preferred in both national and international arenas, was accepted as a "Well-Known Brand" by Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

May 2017

Elif to show innovations at Interpack 2017

Elif, the global supplier for flexible packaging solutions, introduced its new packaging solutions centred around its “Packaging for Life” motto at Interpack 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

April 2017

Elif is the holder of the first ‘UNICEF Platinum Wing’!

Elif has been the first supporter of UNICEF’s “Platinum Wing” program in Turkey. The company is the first Turkish institution conferred with the ‘UNICEF Platinum Wing’.

March 2017

A tradition for Elif: The Company celebrated the ‘8th of March - International Women’s Day’ this year, too!

Elif drew attention to its commitment to the strength and importance of equality of women and men yet again this year by celebrating the March 8th - International Women’s Day with the participation of all of its employees – women and men.

January 2017

Shelter animals are protected from cold by Elif!

Elif signed a new effort to protect shelter animals from cold weather, making an addition to the social responsibility projects it carries out for stray animals in need of assistance and protection.

December 2016

ElifHybr is among the finalists of WorldStar as the first hybrid printing technology of Turkey!

Elif, the “Global Supplier” of the flexible packaging industry, has been named among the finalists of WorldStar 2017 with the hybrid printing technology ‘ElfHybr’, the latest ring of the chain of innovations made for providing solutions and advanced products that meet the rapidly changing and developing requirements of the industry.

September 2016

Great attention on ‘ElifHybr’ Hybrid printing technology of Elif at FachPack 2016!

Having become a symbol of distinction and quality within the flexible packaging industry, Elif, by adding a new ring to the chain of its innovations, has launched its hybrid printing technology ‘ElfHybr’...

August 2016

Elif continues to support employment of women!

Constantly emphasising the importance of the equality of women and men and the difference made by the touches of women in every field of life, Elif has actualised one more project to include the power of housewives in the national economy.

August 2016

The wind of ElifHybr during the “Crescent and Stars of Packaging 2016” event!

ElifHybr was among the champion finalists at the Crescent and Stars of Packaging competition. The innovation solution from Elif has also been entitled to take part in AsiaStar and WorldStar; the most prestigious competition events of the packaging industry.

August 2016

A storm of prizes for the sustainable holographic printing technology ElifHolo!

A new prestigious prize won by Elif... In the “Sustainability Awards” competition that was organised for the second time this year by Packaging Europe, one of the leading professional magazines of the European packaging industry, Elif was rewarded again in the field of sustainability.

July 2016

Elif continues to embrace shelters!

Elif has taken one more important step in its social responsibility project this year by continuing to support helpless stray animals that are desperate for protection.

July 2016

Elif pioneers ‘Hybrid Game’!

Having become a symbol of distinction and quality within the flexible packaging industry, Elif, by adding a new ring to the chain of its innovations, has presented its customers with the hybrid printing technology ‘ElfHybr’, which aims to introduce and offer new and advanced products for the needs and demands of the evolving and developing packaging industry!

June 2016

Elif celebrated the “World Environment Day” with the participation of all of its employees!

Taking a further step in environmentalist activities as part of its awareness of environmental issues and campaign against climate change, Elif distributed 10,000 pinus pinea seeds to its employees in the scope of “June 5th – World Environment Day” celebrations.

May 2016

Elif leaves its mark on WorldStar 2016!

After hitting the headlines with four different awards at the ‘Crescent and Stars of Packaging’ Competition which was organised by the Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) for the sixth-time last year, Elif has also left its mark on the WorldStar 2016 competition held by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) by receiving four awards in four different product categories!

April 2016

Elif invests in future with ‘Trigeneration”!

Adding a new chapter every day to solutions created for people as well as the environment based on its “Packaging for Life” approach, Elif invests in future yet again with its project “Trigeneration” put into effect in October.

March 2016

Elif celebrated the March 8th - International Women’s Day with all of its employees yet again!

Elif expresses its belief in the strength and importance of equality of women and men at every opportunity by putting new projects into effect, and as it does every year, the company celebrated the March 8th - International Women’s Day with the participation of all of its employees – women and men.

December 2014

Elif takes its place in the ÇEVKO Green Dot Awards Ceremony

Elif was on stage to receive its award in the ÇEVKO Green Dot Awards Ceremony with its leading projects carried out under the titles of sustainability, environment and waste management.

December 2015

Elif, registered as an “Environmentalist Facility”

Elif appears as the only representative of its sector at the “Environmentalist Facility Awards”

December 2015

Elif returns with 4 awards from the Crescent and Stars of Packaging Competition!

Elif makes its mark on the stage with 4 awards in the Crescent and Stars of Packaging Competition organised for the 6th time this year by the Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD)!

June 2015

“ElifFine”; Elif’s new packaging solution with its environmentally friendly structure, unique formulation and paper-like texture!

“ElifFine”; Elif’s new packaging solution with its environmentally friendly structure, unique formulation and paper-like texture!

June 2015

Elif creates a difference with 4 of its packaging solutions in the Crescent and Stars of Packaging 2015!

Participating with four products in the 6th Crescent and Stars of Packaging Competitions held by the Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) this year, Elif has left its mark on the competition with four of its products ranked among finalists!

June 2015

Elif achieves the biggest success of its sector by rising 26 steps further in ISO First 500 List!

Elif has achieved the biggest success of its sector by rising 26 steps further in Turkey’s First 500 Largest Industrial Institutions (ISO First 500 Enterprises) which was announced by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry ISO. The list includes 26 packaging sector companies, 14 of which are the members of ASD (Packaging Manufacturers Association).

June 2015

Elif launched Elif Cotty – the Cotton String Wicket Bag

Getting significant recognitions with ElifRibbon, Elif continues to answer consumers’ needs on hygienic bags with ElifCotty

June 2015

Significant thanks to Elif from LÖSEV!

Elif was honoured with a painting drawn to express their gratitude by the children of LÖSEV, over which Elif was indescribably joyful.

April 2015

Elif’s 3D Holographic Printing Technology has created a wind of innovation in Pack-Ist 2015!

Elif, the global supplier of flexible packaging sector, aiming to offer the best solutions to its customers with its innovative approach, professional team and the latest technological equipment, has made its mark on PACK-IST, the first and only flexible Packaging Fair of Eurasia organised for the 3rd time this year.

March 2015

Elif ‘has turned the lights to enlighten the future’!

Elif, once again supported the Earth Hour movement, the world’s biggest environmental movement, by turning off its lights this year, on the last day of March, Saturday at the stroke of 20:30.

March 2015

Elif celebrates 8th March International Women's day together with all employees!

Being aware and proud of seeing the change that the women perform in any field they touch, Elif celebrated 8th March International Women's day not only with the women, but with all employees.

February 2015

Elif is proud to offer its customers 3D holographic printing!

Elif offers 3D printing and holographic printing as an optimum solution for FMCG companies. Elif’s exclusive technology enables brand owners to differentiate their products with a premium packaging concept that offers a stimulating visual experience for their consumers.

January 2015

Special package solution of Elif brought “WorldStar Award” to Balparmak Katla Balla!

Developed and manufactured by Elif for Balparmak, Balparmak Katla Balla Package got the “WorldStard Award” in the most prestigious packaging competition of the sector, organised by the World Packaging Organisation. “WorldStar Award” is the 4th award honouring the Balparmak Katla Balla Packaging.

January 2015

Elif got the P&G External Business Partner Excellence Award again!

Elif, which has become a symbol that is differentiated for and identified with its quality by all concerned in the flexible packaging sector, has been granted the ‘External Business Partner Excellence Award’ for two consecutive years by Procter & Gamble, one of Elif’s customers that is also one of the leading brands in the world offering high-quality and valuable branded products.

December 2014

Special Prize from Istanbul Chamber of Industry to Elif’s “NOsume Energy” Project Saving 10.000 Trees for Earth!

Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) awarded the Special Prize to the Compressor Heat Recovery project put into practice by Elif under its energy consumption minimisation program at its 14th Environment and Energy Awards.

December 2014

Elif, entered the ‘Turkish R&D Champions’ list

Elif took its place in the "Turkish R&D 250" ranking list, which presents data and intentions regarding the private sector in Turkey. The ranking is also important as being the only R&D research in Turkey.

November 2014

Great Attraction to Elif at Gulfood Manufacturing 2014

Elif attracted the attention of the visitors at Gulfood Manufacturing 2014, where it introduced its new factory in Egypt and its concept 'Packaging for Life'.

November 2014

Packaging for Life for Kids with leukaemia!

Elif continues to support little hands reach for the sun by sustaining its traditional LOSEV social responsibility projects with LOSEV Shop Transport Bag Sponsorship.

December 2014

Packing for the next generation from Elif!

With the awareness that improving the conditions of life and education of future generations is the most important value for the community, Elif donated hygiene products and cleaning supplies to the Bahçelievler Child Protection Institute also this year as in previous years.

October 2014

Award of Excellence in Sustainability within the scope of Ontex- Supplier of the Year Award is granted to Elif!

Elif has been rewarded with the Award of Excellence in Sustainability during the Night of Supplier of the Year 2014, organised by Ontex, Europe's leading manufacturer of private label hygiene products, for the second time and blazed a trail with its Success within the packaging industry.

October 2014

Elif embraces shelter animals

Elif, enhancing day by day its projects that add value to life in line with its sustainability policy and considering the social responsibility projects through a wide framework, supported Yedikule Animal Shelter with a donation of cat and dog food.

September 2014

Elif unveils “Packaging for Life” at Eurasia Packaging 2014

Between 18th and 21st September 2014, Elif welcomed its visitors at Eurasia Packaging 2014 in Istanbul, the international packaging event connecting continents.

September 2014

Elif receives Golden Award for its innovative solution providing ease of use

Balparmak “Fold it & Get the Honey” package, developed and manufactured by Elif, received golden award this year under the food category of the 5th Annual Packaging Crescents and Stars Competition which is organised by the Packaging Manufacturers Association.

June 2014

Elif was on stage at ÇEVKO Green Dot Award Dinner

Elif took its place on stage again with their future-oriented projects, which are conducted under sustainability, environmental protection and waste management issues, at the Night for ÇEVKO Green Dot Awards.

June 2014

Elif has been awarded ISO/IEC 27001 accreditation

Elif is one of the first packaging companies, which awarded with the 2013 version of ISO/IEC 27001 Information Safety Management System Standard in Turkey.

May 2014

Elif participated in PLMA’s World of Private Label Show

Elif, the global supplier of flexible packaging solutions, introduced its new products for private label owners at PLMA 2014 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

May 2014

Interpack 2014: We are “Packaging for Life”

Elif, the global supplier of flexible packaging solutions, introduced its new vision of “Packaging for Life” at INTERPACK 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany: Elif’s packaging reaches millions of people all around the world every day, helping create a happier and a healthier life.

April 2014

ElifCare, future of sustainable packaging!

Elif offers a new bio-degradable flexible packaging material for brand owners with its patented ElifCare bio-degradable solution.

March 2014

Elif turns off its lights for a bright future with WWF ‘Earth Hour’

Elif turned its lights off on Saturday March 29th between 8:30 – 9:30 pm local time for Earth Hour; an annual event aimed at raising awareness about energy consumption and climate change.

February 2014

One more time “Human Respect Award” goes to Elif

Bringing individuals of different histories, cultures, approaches, perspectives and care experiences in order to enrich their ideas, solutions and flexibility, Elif, once again was granted ‘Human Respect Award’ by

February 2014

Ipek Kağıt approved Elif’s grade A outperformance of sustainability

Elif is pleased to be declared as İpek Kağıt’s A Grade Supplier Quality Group which honours suppliers who have excelled at driving business value and innovation.

October 2013

P&G recognised Elif as one of the Top Performing Global Partners

Elif has been recognized with the ‘P&G 2013 External Business Partner Excellence Award’ that acknowledges performance, collaboration and partnership.

September 2013

Elif brings ‘Packaging Intelligence’ to FachPack 2013

Elif demonstrated its innovative ribbon bag solution and its award-winning snack packaging solution at FachPack 2013 in Nuremberg, Germany.

September 2013

Elif attracts international focus at Eurasia Packaging Fair

Elif attracted an impressive attendance with its latest innovative and sustainable solutions throughout the Eurasia Packaging Fair 2013 in Istanbul.

May 2013

Elif’s sustainability approach recognised by Coca-Cola

Elif’s sustainability approach is recognised by Coca-Cola’s prestigious Green Supplier Award with its Energy NOsume Project. The award, given for the first time, is an important performance indicator of Elif’s approach to sustainability.

September 2013

Golden award for innovation at flexo printing technology!

Elif wins golden award in Crescent and Stars of Packaging 2013 with its snack packaging produced with the latest packaging technologies and techniques.

September 2013

Successful “Go Live” of full scale SAP ERP at Elif

Elif, the leading flexible packaging company in the sector, realised a full-scale SAP ERP system project by integrating all modules of SAP ERP program with its systems in a single project. With the “firsts” in SAP implementation, the tough & complicated project is shown as a benchmark project around the globe.

July 2013

Elif advances 28 steps on the Industrial Giants List

Elif advanced 28 steps on the ISO 500 2012 list (500 Largest Industrial Enterprises of Turkey) announced by Istanbul Chamber of Industry.

July 2013

Elif helps fight against loss of food with United Nations SAVE FOOD Initiative

Elif is proud to be a participant of the SAVE FOOD initiative that aims to help prevent food waste and the loss of valuable resources at Interpack 2014.

June 2013

Elif continues to be recognised with its achievements of sustainability

Elif, globally well-known supplier of flexible packaging solutions, received a nomination in the ‘Excellence in Sustainability’ category for the prestigious ‘Ontex Supplier of the Year 2013’ award.

June 2013

“Elif show” in Total Pakex

Elif announced its breath-taking new packaging solutions at the UK’s biggest packaging fair.

June 2013

Elif ribbonised the wicket bags

Elif offers an innovative wicket bag for the feminine care market. The new wicket bag is an exciting and chic alternative to the standard wicket bags on the market.

May 2013

Elif was the star of İPAF

Elif, leading company in the flexible packaging industry, greeted the sector professionals with its brand new innovations at Euroasia’s first and only packaging fair dedicated to flexibles.

March 2013

Elif helps protect the planet with its 800 co-workers

Elif turned its lights off on Saturday March 23rd at 8:30pm-9:30pm for the Earth Hour, the world’s largest environmental movement, together with millions of people around the world.

March 2013

Elif helps gain the benefits of 10,000 trees to Earth

The first large-scaled compressor heat recovery project, implemented in March 2012 by Elif, has resulted in 330 tons reduction in CO2 emissions in its first year. Based on the achievement of these successful results, Elif will have contributed equal to the benefit provided by planting 10,000 trees in the campaign against global climate change.

February 2013

‘Human Respect Award’ for Elif

Elif is honoured with’s ‘Human Respect Award’ yet once again, proving the importance and value of human resources for Elif. In accordance with the objectives of sustainable growth, Elif believes that its employees are the most valuable asset of the company when aiming to achieve better sustainable growth and development.

January, 2013

Elif hosted a technical trip to SusFoFlex Consortium for break through project in Food Industry

Innovative in developing solutions to advance sustainable packaging solutions, Elif, hosted a technical trip to SusFoFlex Consortium in its benchmark factory located in Istanbul.

December 2012

Elif, once again shows its commitment to quality

Elif, has once again successfully renewed ISO 9001:2008 and BRC/IOP (Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials) certificates demonstrating its ability to meet customer's requirements and commitment to the successful production, operation and quality control and hygiene management

October 2012

Elif at Scandinavias largest packaging fair

Elif introduced its new stand-up pouch solution for confectionery and high quality printing at Scandinavias largest packaging fair.

September 2012

Masters of Turkish and Egyptian economic success honored Elif’s 40th year of celebration

Elif celebrates its 40th year of establishment with a key stone investment in Egypt. Elif has officialized its investment for a new state-of-art factory in Egypt with an agreement in the witness of Hisarcıklıoğlu, Atalay and Çağlayan.

September 2012

Elif was the star of Eurasia Packaging 2012

Elif was the star of 18th International Eurasia Packaging Industry Fair 2012 with it’s products, services, flexibility and know-how to fulfill highest demands in converted flexible packaging.

September 2012

Elif’s printing excellence is awarded

Elif’s flexo printing quality has proved its competency, with an excellent print on Iglo (Bird’s Eye) Gourmet Shrimp packaging, with an award in the Turkish Packaging Design National Competition ‘Crescents and Stars of Packaging 2012’ flexible packaging category.

July 2012

Elif, has decided to join the UN initiative, Global Compact.

Elif aims to make its corporate environment and social responsibility official by joining the United Nations Global Compact. Elif has forwarded its Letter of Commitment in July 2012.

July 2012

New investments at Elif’s Istanbul plant

Elif continues to draw attention to its services and innovative solutions specially developed for its customers, contributing to its rapid growth around the world. Parallel to its sustainable growth targets, Elif has increased the capacity and capability of its benchmark factory located in Istanbul with new investments.

July 2012

Elif continues its sustainable growth also in its export figures

Elif, offering packaging solutions with a unique product and service quality to customers all around the world, took its place as the 273rd biggest exporter on TIM1000 list with a 12.3% growth in exports.

June 2012

Elif proceeds ahead towards “green factory” with ISO 50 001 and ISO 14 064

Elif added the obtaining of ISO 50 001 and ISO 14 064 standards into its targets, parallel to its sustainable growth strategy. In this context, Elif started its studies concerning the energy management system and carbon footprint reporting in June.

June 2012

Elif donated to orphaned children

In line with its principle of sustainability and social responsibility approach, Elif achieved yet another value-added project by donating hygiene products and cleaning materials to Bahçelievler Social Services and Child Protection Foundation.

May 2012

Huge Support from Elif to the ‘Small Steps for the Future Workshop’

Elif has become the technology sponsor of "Small Steps to the Future Workshop”, implemented by the Sancaktepe Ibni Sina Primary School as part of the “Enlightened Classes Project" organised under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education.

May 2012

Elif was under the spotlight at IPAF 2012

Elif was under the spotlight at IPAF 2012, Europe’s first packaging event dedicated to flexible packaging solutions. Current and potential customers of Elif as well as sector professionals and suppliers were introduced to “packaging intelligence” of Elif through its 360° Tangible Excellence, Continuous Innovation and Sustainable Practice approaches.

May 2012

Elif, candidate to become Spain’s local global packaging partner, was at HISPACK 2012

Elif’s successful participation at the leading packaging show HISPACK 2012 reinforced its international dimension. Elif presented its quality range of packaging solutions for professionals in the region.

April 2012

Elif earned the highest score in P&G Supplier Environmental Scorecard

Developing its business activities in order to promote productive and cost saving methods and technologies, Elif gained another international success by being announced among the companies that earned the highest score possible in P&G Supplier Environmental Sustainability Scorecard.

April 2012

Elif’s new face is alive on

Successfully implementing projects in the name of globalisation in its 40th year, Elif has launched its new web site equipped with recent information technologies and a completely new design.

April 2012

In cooperation with Atlas Copco, Elif implemented world’s largest scaled heat recovery project

Elif implemented the largest scaled heat recovery project not only in Turkey but also around the world.

March 2012

Elif pioneers its sector in the area of sustainability

Elif, one of the leading companies in the manufacturing sector with its sustainability approach and successfully accomplished projects, has become the first company in the packaging sector by fulfilling the competencies to get the Environment Permit on 15th March 2012.

February 2012

Sustainable Quality with ‘Human Respect Award’

Elif’s commitment to a healthy and sustainable development of its human resources and its awareness of responsibility towards the society are honoured with’s ‘Human Respect Award’ as a result of its consistent Human Resources Policy based on qualified recruitment and sustainable development.

January 2012

Towards “Green Factory” through Green Energy Project

Elif, one of the leading companies in the manufacturing sector with its sustainability approach and successfully accomplished projects, has realised its Green Energy Project on 1st January 2012.

January 2012

Major step towards globalization with full scale SAP ERP system

Elif has kicked off with a giant transition project that will replace its existing ERP system with a full-scale SAP ERP system. Integrating all the activities under a single corporate resource management platform in order to manage its sustainable and qualified growth in the most efficient way.

September 2011

Employment Leader of Packaging Sector

Elif is honoured with the "Employment Leader of the Sector" award from Yenibiriş, the leading online job search and job recruitment portal of Turkey. This award is a proof of the opportunities provided by Elif in the area of employment.

December 2011

Elif is BRC/IoP accredited

Elif is proud to announce that it has been awarded with the BRC/IOP Global Technical Standard Grade A for Packaging and Packaging Materials certification demonstrating its continuous investments in comprehensive quality and hygiene management.

September 2011

Elif’s Sustainable and Convenient Products are awarded

In Turkish Packaging Design National Competition "Crescents and Stars of Packaging 2011", İpek Kağıt gained two awards with Selpak Toilet Paper Biodegradable Packaging and Selpak Paper Towel Easy Open & Easy Close Pack developed and produced by Elif. A hat trick for İpek Kağıt and Elif!


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