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Support Services

Customer Care, Field Service and Trouble Shooting

Experience our glocal, onsite expertise of our global operation network of technical experts and customer care team, who respond to your technical problems and maximise your film’s quality/efficiency gains for your production line’s runnability.

With 24/7 troubleshooting, expertise for film trials and start-ups, experience on a wide range of sectors and products and flexibility, Elif team ensures productivity with optimised products and processes.

Graphic Design, Repro & Plate Making

Find the ideal printing solution that will bring your packaging design to life. Elif’s design experts will manage the pre-press and printing process for you to reach the desired printing result. We believe that smart packaging starts before embroidering the message that the package wants to communicate and how you do it shapes the package. Our talented Graphic Design Team designs the whole production process required for each product specially in order to get the best packaging for your product.

With its international solution partners, Elif is the pioneering company to utilise the Digital Plate Making and HD Flexo Print technologies. With this innovative approach, we aim to provide the best solution available for our customers with our expert team and state-of-the-art equipment.

Material development

With well-founded know-how and state-of-the-art production techniques and the flexibility for tailor-made products and services, Elif connects your demanding market and product needs with our in-house, world-class developmental resources.

Our technical consultancy in material development contributes to your business success. We continuously develop, test and optimise our products, materials and processes in order to provide the optimum packaging solution for your needs and secure your success.

Packaging Concept Development

Elif works together with customers to understand consumer needs and gain consumer insights to develop new packaging concepts and improve their products packaging. Develop new ideas, gain consumer insights and take your product to commercialisation quickly and successfully with our collaborative processes and comprehensive resources.

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